Dream Mist at Free People

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Find a renewed sense of inspiration with this awakening body mist formulated with unique crystal and flower essences. Crafted and handmade in Australia with a blend of natural botanical oils to help you find a sense of peace to focus on the future and encourage you in accomplishing your goals. * 3. 3 fl. oz. * Intended for all skin types. * *How to Use:* * *Day Dream:* Shake to activate. Spray the elixir around your field to awaken and encourage your hopes and dreams into reality. * *Night Dream:* Shake to activate. Mist this sacred elixir around your room and over your bed to invite a peaceful and revitalizing sleep. * *Dream Time:* Shake to activate. Use this elixir as a meditation tool to access the dreamy realms beyond time and space. Experiencing the limitlessness of possibility.